Cinder block construction

Residential & Commercial Cinder Block Construction

Across the New Orleans area you will find cinderblock walls on a variety of different properties. If you are looking for capable local masonry contractors for the installation and repair of cinder block walls or concrete block walls, reach out to Masonry New Orleans because our experienced concrete clock masons have unparalleled experience and the necessary knowledge to provide this service. With affordability and quality in mind, choosing our company is the first step in the right direction.

Residential Services

One of our most popular services is the installation of cinder block walls and retaining walls at residential properties in the New Orleans area. Whether you’re looking to construct a garage, cinder block storage building, porch, shed, or other outlying building on your property, reaching out to our expert cinder block masons will provide you with the best in local masonry companies. We strive to be the most affordable and professional concrete block wall contractor in the New Orleans area.

Commercial Services

With the size and structural requirements needed for a commercial property, cinder blocks are likely your best choice of material for wall installations. When you are reaching out to the best masonry contractors in New Orleans, we are at the top and you can depend on our professional service. We have the necessary experience and capabilities to provide you with an outstanding result that will last for decades. We use the highest quality products in our services, and our experienced concrete block professionals can provide affordable and professional services within your construction budget. When you need a company that can give you reliable and aesthetically pleasing masonry construction, you can count on the cinder block wall services at Masonry New Orleans.

Initial Installation

If you are planning on building a new property, give us a call! We would love to be your cinder block wall construction company, and have you join the list of New Orleans’ customers who rely on us for quality results. We are dedicated to providing cinder block installation in a way that works with the other on-site contractors providing your construction needs, and we strive to provide the most affordable cinder block wall installation in the city. If you are looking for masonry done right, it’s time to make the call to the best New Orleans’ masonry contractors.

Cinder Block Repair

Cinder block construction provides you with a high level of reliability and strength; however, there is always a possibility that you will find yourself needing cinder block repairs. Whether the concrete block needs repair, or the mortar connecting the blocks needs attention, reaching out to our local masonry professionals will provide you with the high-quality services and experience you need. Call Masonry New Orleans today to schedule an estimate and to have one of our professional masonry block contractors help you.

Cinder Block Repair
Cinder Block Repair
gray concrete building during daytime
gray concrete building during daytime

Replacing a cinder block wall

Replacing a cinder block wall is a simple process if you have the knowledge, time, and ability. However, if you don't want to spend your days in demolition, cleanup, and reconstruction of the cinder block wall, Masonry New Orleans can help.

If you decide to do this on your own, below are a few tips to make sure the wall is built right. Use a masonry bit to drill holes into the existing blocks. Drill four to five columns of three holes evenly in the wall around the damaged area that you need to repair. The holes will allow you to more easily knock down the wall to replace it. Then, use a sledge hammer to knock down the wall. Next, use a chisel to scrape off the leftover mortar from the surrounding blocks. Clean the area and remove the debris so you have a clean work space and can have a good surface to lay the new mortar. Now mix and prepare your mortar. Using a masonry trowel, spread this new mortar on the bottom, where the new cinder blocks will be laid. The thickness should be about the same as the existing mortar. Spread mortar on the sides of the new block, where it will come into contact with any other blocks. Always match the thickness of existing mortar. Carefully place the new cinder block into the wall. Scape away any excess mortar and smooth it to create a clean finish. Repeat these steps until the wall is finished. Let the mortar dry completely before doing anything else to the wall. The type of mortar will dictate your drying time.

Removing mortar from cinder block walls

Mortar is the material that is used to bond bricks, blocks, and other similar construction materials together to make a solid wall or structure. Mortar is a blend of cement, sand, hydrated lime, and water, which creates a strong cement-like mixture that can be used in different building applications. This is why people sometimes call these walls concrete block walls, or cement walls. When replacing a masonry wall, the dried mortar will have solidified to the bricks or blocks and will need to be removed. There are several ways to do this. We suggest you stay away from strong chemicals if you are doing this on your own. The most efficient way to remove mortar is to use old fashioned tools - a chisel and a hammer. Chisel away the mortar by lightly tapping the chisel with the hammer. As the tip of the chisel is pressed against the mortar, simply tap it with the hammer. You should do this until the mortar is removed from each brick or block, including the sides and back, so new mortar can be placed around the brick or block and can create a strong finish. Afterwards, brush and prepare it for new mortar to be laid. 

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